Your muse catches mine in the shower. What is your muse’s reaction?




If anyone wishes to rp with any of my characters, at all, I can give you either my skype or my steam or both. I would be willing to plot with you or anything if you want. it doesn’t even have to be homestuck related. If you would like to RP with me at all please feel free to bother me.

i’m gonna go draw fantrolls for people.



really want to RP but my dash icons still look like this


Reblog if your Mun is a Girl



Leave ‘Lived long enough to become the villain’ to get a glimpse of my muse being a villain.




in case anyone has wondered/is wondering where i am and why i’m so inactive: i’ve been really stressed out, i’m not sure why or by what but it’s just here and i need a break from kinda everything. i will resume blogging and roleplaying, or attempting to roleplay at least, once i feel i’m not going to explode. it’s also half because my tumblr is broken, all of my buttons have mashed themselves together and it makes it hard as hell to actually make a post. here, this is what i mean:


this is the bar where you pick what you’d like to make a new post of just FYI

since whatever has happened with xkit has started this happened, i even at one point uninstalled xkit and all my stylish shit and it was still broken to all hell so i’ve got no idea what’s happening. i’m not worried about it just ugh. i’m not in the mood to fucking deal with it. i could switch from a diff browser but i don’t like going out of my comfort zone especially when i feel like i might panic over anything small at this point.

the stress levels are so bad that when i was asked “which jojo character do you wanna be in my pixel family blue?” i panicked and started crying. so yes. i’m at my breaking point i just wanna relax and calm down or find out what has me at wits end. i don’t even understand anymore.

Send me songs you think my muse would listen to.



Ears & Paws Jacket ($35.99)

Ok who wants to get matching coats with me