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my Robe de Celadon by Juliette et Justine
(Ecru x Mist green)
photo by reafre

I fall in love with the lace. It is very soft and delicate. Mist green color is also my favorite.

yeah ivve been asleep for a really long as time, sorry about that i guess i lost track of time i wwas supposed to be asleep for 3 hours im sleepin outside the treehouse

>:// < silly fishboy! you know you coulda asked me if you could come in and i would have shared my bed like i used to

>:// < youre gonna catch a cold or somefurring you are so bad at thinkin stuff through mister ampurra!

do you evver havve those moments wwhere you pass out for a wweek? i havvent slept in a long time

:33 < yeah that happens when i get sl33py usually

:33 < cat naps are the best though!

:33 < so is that where youve b33n or? i was kinda worried you were gone furefur again

—Fill out with Muse information—


                                     ABOUT THE MUSE.

General Appearance.  -  Fill out.

Name: Nepeta Leijon
Age: 8.48 sweeps
Date of Birth: July 30th
Zodiac: Leo
Gender: female
Eye color: grey with olive tint
Hair color: Black 
Height: 5’3”
Scars: tons from hunts, fights, and dangerous roleplaying with friends
Burns: around her fingers from clumsy baking
Over weight: no
Under weight: no


Color: shades of green and blue
Hair color: any
Eye color: any
Song: Candy Candy" - Gumi cover (original by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu)
Movie: Romances, Horror, Action and Anime
T.V Show: Anime, Horror, Action
Food: Meat
Drink: Tea and water
Video Game: Puzzle
Place: Anywhere outside
Ice cream flavor: any

Have you…

Had sex: yes
Had sex in public: no
Gotten pregnant:  no
Kissed a boy: yes
Kissed a girl: yes
Gotten tattoos: no
Gotten piercings: yes
Smoked or drank: no/no
Had a broken heart: yes
Been in love: yes
Needed surgery: no
Stayed up for more than 24 hours: yes

Are you…

A virgin: no
A cuddler:  yes
A kisser: yes
Scared easily: no
Jealous easily: yes
Trustworthy: yes
Dominant: depends
Submissive: depends
Single: not sure
In a relationship: not sure
Considered mean: no

Random questions.

Have you harmed yourself: accidentally
Thought of suicide:  yes
Attempted suicide: yes
Killed someone: yes
Wanted to kill someone: yes
Who did you kiss last: Eridan
Last text: n/a
Drove a car:  no
Have/had a job: Yes
Favourite soda/pop: orange soda or rootbeer float
Do drugs: no

Send me “Moan” and I’ll generate a number!


One: My muse will kiss yours on the lips
Two: My muse will get down on their knees for your muse
Three: Your muse owns mine for two days
Four: My muse submits for yours
Five: My muse dominates yours
Six: My muse gives yours a striptease
Seven: My muse trails kisses down your muses chest
Eight: Your muse owns my muse bound and gagged for one night
Nine: Our muses do the deed
Ten: Our muses hug one another
Eleven: My muse nibbles yours
Twelve: Your muse goes down on mine
Thirteen: Your muse gets a lap dance from mine
Fourteen: My muse ties up your muse
Fifteen: My muse removes one article of your muse’s clothing
Sixteen: Your muse removes one article of my muse’s clothing
Seventeen: My muse slips their hand into your muse’s pants
Eighteen: My muse buys yours a shot
Nineteen: My muse finds yours naked and tied to the bed
Twenty:My muse will tease yours (take that however you will)
Twenty-One: Your muse blindfolds mine
Twenty-Two: Our muses have sex in an unconventional place
Twenty-Three: My muse blindfolds yours
Twenty-Four: My muse fawns over your muse’s neck (biting,kissing, etc.)
Twenty-Five: Wild card! I get to pick any of the above

Send me a “≈” and my muse will react to yours shoving them into a body of water.



Bonus points if it’s on purpose.

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